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You probably already know that Google search results page ads are a great way to drive traffic to your website, whether you provide services or products. But, did you know that Google provides ad grants to qualified non-profits?  We recently helped one client qualify for up to $120K of advertising on Google per year!

Thinking of ways to "push" content to customers or clients without waiting for them to come to you? Email Newsletters and social networking are great ways to keep in touch with those people most likely to need your products or services. 

Is your web site a few years old?  Customers and clients need a reason to return, whether it's for new products or services. Got some new media? we can handle it. Photos, videos, catalogs...or we can make them for you.

Is your organization taking full advantage of social media? We can set up your SM presence and integrate it with your web site.

Yankee Planning Group. Making Technology Work the Way You Do.

Welcome. Yankee Planning Group provides information technology services to clients in business, industry, government, and environmental advocacy. Our Information Technology Center describes our internet and database management services, web site, email and domain hosting for small businesses, and more. 

Our mission is to make technology work for your organization the way you do. As your trusted partner, we seek to implement simple but effective strategies that work with the staff and resources you already have in place, rather than forcing you to change the way you do business or help your constituents.  More About Us...

Got bad web site mojo? Moldy content nobody reads? Still using an AOL email address? Can your clients and constituents find you on the web? We can set you up with a fast, reliable web server, domain-based email, dynamic database applications, Facebook and social networking platforms, online event registrations, email newsletters and campaigns, and much more.



We can help your organization power up with some of the latest technologies and marketing/outreach tools on the World Wide Web, your intranet, or desktops. And, we'll teach you to use them in meaningful, productive ways. Call us at (860)251-9265.